I am currently a Department Chair and Course Director at Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida and teach a number of online and on campus courses. I have taught at Full Sail University for two years now. Before coming to Full Sail, I was a Software Analyst at the Montreal Stock Exchange TMX and lived, worked and studied in Ottawa Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I speak fluent French, as it is my mother tongue. I completed my PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, Ontario Canada in December 2012 with a focus on mobile networks and mixed reality.


My research and teaching interests have been strengthened by several years of undergraduate and graduate teaching at both Full Sail University and Ottawa U. I have had considerable undergraduate teaching experience in several types of classes, including Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, just to mention a few, as well as online graduate teaching experience in several classes including Mobile Game Development, Mobile Game Testing, just to mention a few. In addition to classroom and online teaching, I have supervised several master students (at Full Sail and Ottawa U) on appropriate research topics and directed and evaluated their research projects.


My ongoing mission and passion is about promoting women in programming. To achieve this, I contributed and delivered computer science outreach programs in the community and tried to engage girls in computer science. I co-founded Cacti Council, a non profit organization, dedicated to promote creative and critical thinking concepts in education, especially in computer science. I am also the co-founder of Women Of Full Sail Group dedicated to engendering empowerment for women, by creating a space of support and mentorship for the women attending (and working at) Full Sail University.  


During my graduate work, I was fortunate enough to have diverse research interests. My doctoral research focused on analyzing wireless multimedia, specifically 3D streaming over thin mobile devices. My Masters thesis focused on collaborative virtual environments (CVE), and the design and implementation of a hybrid multicast transport protocol for CVE class of applications has been discussed in my Masters thesis dissertation.  Co-supervising masters students during my PhD has diversified my research areas even more, given that the students were interested in different subjects such as Augmented Reality, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) based class of applications as well as Network Security.


Being part of different research projects, I have acquired solid knowledge and experience of software development taking the software solution from the design through the implementation and testing. This experience and knowledge in software development has been deepened during my work at TMX Montreal stock exchange, where I was a software solution analyst.


On a personal note, I am blessed to be the mother of an adorable little girl and to be married to an awesome husband. I love traveling, discovering new places and new cultures!!   


  1. Nominated for the Best PhD Thesis Award at the University of Ottawa

  2. Received the Best Poster Award at the 1st NSERC DIVA Workshop that was held at the University of Ottawa on Sep 9th , 2011

  3. Received the Ontario Excellence scholarship for the academic year 2011-2012

  4. Received the Best Master Thesis Award at PARADISE Research Laboratory in 2008



Pervasive Exergaming

Distributed Interactive Exergaming Applications.

2008 - 2012

University of Ottawa

PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Vehicular AdHoc Networks

Multimedia Streaming.

Vehicular AdHoc Networks

Network Security.

Virtual and Mixed reality

Simulation and Training.

2007 - 2008

University of Ottawa

Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering

2001 - 2006

University of Ottawa

Bachelors of Computer Engineering

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